UK protesters stage ‘lie-in’ over Eric Garner murder

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Thousands of protesters are staging lie-in protests at various locations throughout the UK this morning.

Wrapped snugly in Eider Down duvets, those angered at the US Grand Jury’s verdict in the Eric Garner case took part in what they described as the ultimate peaceful protest.

From John O’ Groats to Lands’ End came shouts of Can’t Breathe, Can’t Breathe followed by ‘Open a Window’ or ‘Move Over To Your Side!’

Protestor and Home-Worker Simon Williams said, “I have smothered myself in pillows so I can hardly breathe. It will be some time before I power the laptop up.”

“I will shortly be downloading a number of inspirational speeches by Human Rights campaigners to my Ipad, which I can listen to without moving a muscle.”

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“Then I’ll probably listen to some music. Protest music, obviously.”

“Something like ‘This is what I call sticking it to The Man’.”

UK Lie-in protest

Fellow protester Janine Davis said,”Barely a day passes in the UK without the Feds gunning down some young black man or stopping them for a speeding offence.”

“I did get up briefly to answer the door to the postman, because I’ve ordered a shit-load of stuff from Amazon.”

Those UK citizens who did turn up for work opted to remain motionless at their desks, with many bosses failing to notice any difference.

Meanwhile, demonstrators say there will be no let up until Eric Garner receives justice, with another mass lie-in planned for this Saturday.