Shooting animals for fun on your own land is OK, clarifies Prince William

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Prince William has delivered a speech in the US condemning those who kill endangered wildlife, before clarifying that killing animals for fun on your own land is actually ok.

The Prince told those in attendance at the world bank that the illegal wildlife trade was one of the most insidious forms of corruption in the world, before explaining how it is different to the animals he kills for fun.

William explained, “Pheasants for example aren’t endangered, in fact we breed them so we can shoot them, so that’s not illegal at all.”

“Plus it’s done on land that I own, so I can do what I like. And my grandmother’s face is on your money, which helps.”

“Me telling someone not to kill an animal in Africa whilst I am pointing my shotgun at animals in one of my many Royal parks is not hypocritical at all.”

“I’m not saying that killing all animals for sport or profit is bad, just the particular animals that I say.”

“It’s not the killing bit that is bad, it’s how you make the decision on which ones to kill.”

“For example, killing an elephant to make money to feed your family is bad, but killing pheasants for fun is good.”

“Get it now?”