US to save time by making it legal to shoot black men

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The US justice system is to cut the cost of the expensive Grand Jury process by making it perfectly legal to kill black men.

The move comes after the lengthy and expensive legal processes in recent cases which determined no law had been broken in killing a black man.

Chuck Williams, an official from the Justice Department, explained, “Budgets are tight and we’re all having to make savings where we can.”

“Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every time we want to say it’s OK to kill a black man?”

“Why not just make it legal and save ourselves millions of dollars in the process?”

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“Sure, we might end up with a few more dead black men, but think of the budget surplus we’d create.”

“We could have some new roads, much better street lighting, lower taxes for all the rich people – anything we want really.”

“If you think about it, in terms of the recent cases that have gone to Grand Jury, it’s actually already perfectly legal to kill black men, we just have this charade of a Grand Jury process to go through each time, just to confirm it’s still OK.”

“So all we’re doing is suggesting we make it a bit more formal, you know?”