Farage hangover caused by ‘immigrants’

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Nigel Farage revealed that he missed an engagement in North Wales over the weekend due to a hangover brought on by immigrants.

“I really don’t know what else could have caused it,” said the UKIP leader.

“I had five pints and a large whiskey, and the next morning I felt terrible. I think the only reasonable explanation is immigrants.”

Nigel Farage as long presented himself as a man-of-the-people who enjoys a pint in his local, but has never had to pull out of an event because of the after-effects before.

“No, time was I could drink eight pints, be in bed at two and still be awake at seven in the morning to enjoy a lavish tax-payer funded breakfast in Brussels.”

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“Nowadays I struggle after just a handful of pints? This can only be as a result of the current Government’s let-them-all-in approach to immigration.”

UKIP supporter Simon Williams had paid £25 to meet the UKIP leader at the Port Talbot event but was broadly sympathetic.

“Yeah, I’m the same. I used to be able to drink loads in my twenties, but immigration’s just got out of control, hasn’t it? And my hangovers are shocking, so the two must be connected.”

UKIP’s popularity is thought to be based in its stringent attitude to immigration but Mr Farage was careful to clarify his position.

“Look, UKIP isn’t against all immigrants,” he said.

“Just the ones that give you hangovers.”