Special Grand Jury to focus on clearing police officers of killing black men

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A new special Grand Jury has been set up in the US to deal solely with the job of clearing officers of any wrongdoing in the deaths of black men.

“I think that the biggest difficulty for families of black men killed by policemen is the length of time it takes to clear the officers involved,” said US Attorney General Eric Holder.

“By having this new dedicated Special Grand Jury, we can have those officers cleared lickety-split and the families can get on with the business of grieving.”

“Having to gather a new grand jury every time an officer kills a black man is extremely time consuming, whereas this new grand jury can pop in for five minutes, say not guilty, and we can all go about our day as before.”

“It’s an efficiency I’m sure we can all get behind.”

US Grand Jury

The bureaucracy involved in clearing officers of killing black men has become a considerable strain on the US Justice Department in recent years, with the results often leading to protests and riots.

“I think if you look at the recent problems in Ferguson you can see what I mean,” said Mr Holder.

“If the officer in question had been cleared of any wrongdoing six months ago, then the rioting would almost certainly be over by now.”

President Obama, as ever, remained silent on the issue.

The question has been raised as to whether there should be a new separate Grand Jury that could also deal with officers involved with the deaths of innocent white people.

However Mr Holder explained, “Yeah, that’s never really been that much of a problem.”