Consumers ask Premier Foods for payment to continue buying their products

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Consumers across the country have been criticised after demanding payments from food manufacturer Premier Foods in order to keep buying their products.

Premier Foods makes products such as Mr Kipling, Ambrosia, Bisto and Oxo, but consumers have said that in order to streamline their purchasing processes and to achieve necessary efficiency gains, Premier Foods must pay them £20 each in order to retain them as a customer.

The practise has become known as ‘pay and stay’ – with consumers saying they will stay a Premier Foods customer, as long as they get paid the £20.

A Premier Foods spokesperson told us, “This is extortion. No-one should have to pay money to their own customers in order to keep them as a customer. The money should be going in the opposite direction.”

“But they’ve got us over a barrel, haven’t they. Because without them buying our products we’d go out of business – so what choice do we have, really?”

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“We’ll reluctantly give them their £20, and then they will keep buying our cakes and gravy.”

Premier Foods ‘pay and stay’

Consumers have defended the practise of demanding money from firms that want to sell them things.

Supermarket user Simon Williams told us, “Look, I know it seems massively unethical, but we’re definitely not breaking any laws here. I know, that surprised us too.”

“The ‘pay and stay’ process has been a part of the retail industry for years, apparently – so we’re just making it a bit more consumer friendly.”

“No-one is forcing them to pay us, it’s not like there’s a gun to their heads – it’s just that their business will die if they don’t pay us.”