Under 11s should be educated in dangers of sex with immigrants, confirms UKIP

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Children younger than 11 year-old will be educated about the dangers of sex with immigrants, UKIP leader Nigel Farage confirmed yesterday.

After confusion over UKIP policy, Farage later clarified that all students over eleven will be left in no doubt how dangerous it would be to have sex with foreigners.

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall has claimed in a radio interview that only children older than 11 will be made aware of the risks of having sex with people with funny accents, a claim refuted by leader Farage.

Farage explained, “I’ve never advocated leaving the sex education of our children until after they are 11.”

“If somebody in UKIP in the past did, well, so be it, but I think that children need to have a rounded education about the dangers of foreigners, and sex education is part of that.”

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UKIP sex education policy

Exact details of the proposed syllabus have not been forthcoming, but a UKIP source claimed to have seen an early draft of the syllabus.

UKIP supporter Simon Williams told us, “Yes, I’ve seen it, and it includes warnings that female immigrants from outside the EU have teeth in their vaginas, and that the male penises can ‘latch onto your insides like a hook’.”

“All perfectly reasonable stuff.”

“With any luck by the time these kids are breeding we’ll have completely eliminated any possibility of diluting the UKIP prefered gene pool.”