The Sun accused of hypocrisy for continuing to ‘report on criminals’

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The Sun has been accused of rank hypocrisy for reporting on ‘crime’, despite having employed several criminals.

After the public pointed out to the tabloid what hypocrisy actually meant, The Sun was forced to admit that its continued attempts to run ‘reports’ of criminal activity did seem to reek somewhat of hypocrisy.

News consumer Simon Williams tried to guide The Sun through the actual definition of hypocrisy, but was left frustrated.

He told us, “I think that once I had explained that hypocrisy isn’t when you defend the rights of poverty-line tenants when your own landlord is part of a tax evasion scheme, things started to get a little clearer.”

“Admittedly they still seemed a little confused, so we gave them a new definition – publishing ‘stories’ on criminals, when you, yourself, are a criminal. Then they seemed to get it.”

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“We didn’t even have to name any of the criminals that have been employed by The Sun, they just gave us a knowing look like ‘ah, I get it now’.”

As one reporter at The Sun admitted, “Yes, I can see how our attempts to report on the criminal activities of others is something of a hypocritical position when we ourselves are seemingly rife with criminals – some in prison, others still awaiting trial.”

“But the problem, as I see it, is that no matter how hypocritical we might be, Russell Brand is still a bell-end.”