Creationists demand evidence of missing link between HIV viruses

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HIV has not ‘evolved’ into a less deadly form, because scientists don’t have any fossils of the missing link between old HIV and new HIV, according to creationists this morning.

Creationist Simon Williams told us, “If there are two versions of HIV, it’s because the baby Jesus put them there – not because of this theory of evolution you keep talking about.”

“I guess you want to think that HIV magically changed through a series of minor genetic adaptations that helped the virus survive in its chosen environment?”

“Well that’s bollocks, obviously. What actually happened was that it magically changed because a giant sky fairy made it so – and let that be a lesson to you.”

“Your ‘theory’ of evolution is like my theory about the moon landings, nothing but a wild guess. Even if my guess is supported by lots of specialist community websites.”

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“I don’t care what the dictionary says about the word ‘theory’ – the only book I care about is the Bible, and it says you are clearly an idiot.”

“Anyway, if new HIV evolved from hold HIV, why is there still old HIV, eh? You can’t answer that, can you mister science man.”

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