Father Christmas accused of illegally monitoring millions of children

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Father Christmas is the latest high-profile figure to become embroiled in controversy around the illegal monitoring of members of the public, after claims he’s been watching millions of children without permission.

The accusations came from 9 year-old Simon Williams who claims that Father Christmas told him at the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester that he’d been watching him closely throughout the year.

Williams told police, “He asked me if I’d been good, and told me not to lie as he’d been watching me all year anyway.

“It was terrifying. How can he break the law like that and not find himself in front of some sort of government select committee?

“I am entitled to my privacy like any other citizen, and now I feel violated. Closing the curtains don’t work as Santa said he was able to watch me using ‘magic’.

“I can’t say any more as my lawyers have said it might prejudice any compensation claim I might choose to make in the future.”

 Santa stands accused

Legal experts have suggested that such a widespread misuse of trust could lead to a significant custodial sentence.

As one explained, “It’s bad enough to hack the phone of some C-List celebrity, but to keep tabs on our nation’s children is simply unacceptable.

“It sounds like the systems he has in place make the NSA’s Prism monitoring programme look like amateur hour.

“Just who does Santa think he is, to decide if a child has been ‘bad or good’ – he’s acting like he’s the police, the judge and the jury. It’s wrong on so many levels.”

Others have suggested that many adults have found themselves on some sort of register for far less.

Daily Mail reader Esther Matthews told us, “Essentially the guy has a database of young boys and girls being ‘naughty’. It has paedo written all over it.

“I mean, not literally, it’s on a computer I think, I meant metaphorically.

“Seriously though, this case could end up making Jimmy Saville look like Fath… oh.”