Plebs set out to ‘reclaim’ the word

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Plebs across the nation have insisted they will reclaim the word for themselves, and remove the negative connotations in the process.

Pleb Simon Williams said he was doing everything he can to take away any perceived power in the word.

He told us, “Just because my favourite restaurant is a chip shop, and I get my news from a page that has more pictures than words doesn’t make me a bad person – just a pleb, and ordinary pleb, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Sure, I might prefer voting on X Factor to voting in a general election, or a night watching Mrs Brown’s Boys instead of Stewart Lee, but so what?”

“Right now I hear people referring to pleb as the ‘p’ word, and rightly so – I don’t think you can use the word pleb to describe someone else unless you’re a pleb yourself.”

“And if you are a pleb, like me, then I want you to use it all the time.”

“I actually hope that ‘my pleb’ will become a term of endearment – like it is with the ‘n’ word.”

“Of course, if anyone else calls you a pleb them they should probably lose their job. Obviously.”

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