Blackpool hotel guests fined £100 for not voting UKIP

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Further embarrassment was heaped on Blackpool’s tarnished image yesterday, when news emerged of yet another hotelier fining guest for opinions he didn’t like.

Elderly guests Arthur and Hilda Spleen were shocked to discover an extra £100 had been charged to their credit card after staying one night at the Hotel Musty Odour on Blackpool’s promenade.

Investigating their bill’s small print further with the aid of a nearby scanning electron microscope, they discovered the clause: “All guests must pledge to vote UKIP at the next election, otherwise the country will go to the dogs. You owe me £100”.

Hotel owner Colin Chipfat was unrepentant when questioned about the clause in his terms and conditions.

“It’s all their fault. My wife distinctly overheard this couple at the breakfast table, telling another guest they were considering voting Green.”

“Bring back Enoch Powell I say, and the birch”, he continued, foam emanating from his mouth.

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The Spleens are currently considering their legal options.

“We only stayed at the Musty Odour because someone gave it a three-star review on TripAdvisor last year.”

“I wish now we’d stayed at the Rat Droppings Guest House next door. Mind you, that’s never got higher than a 1 out of 5 review”.

Blackpool Tourist Board defended their hotels.

Spokesman Simon Williams told us: “We’ve got 624 hotels and B&Bs. Most, if not all, change their room bedding at least every third or fourth guest. Vote UKIP.”