‘Send em back where they came from’ officially 2014’s top performing political slogan

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Telling voters you’ll send everyone back to where they came from is officially 2014’s top performing political policy, according new research this morning.

After Mark Reckless won the Rochester by-election to give UKIP another seat in parliament, many experts have claimed that saying he was going to send perfectly legal immigrants ‘back home’ was actually a stroke of genius.

Political analyst Malcolm Walters told us, “Sure, when he first said he wanted to send all EU immigrants back where they came from we all assumed it was political suicide.”

“It was a major slip of the tongue to admit that in public, no matter how much you believe in it privately – even Nigel Farage tried to back away from it.”

“But then we saw all the smiling faces and nodding crowds who really seemed to like that sentiment.”

“For some reason the idea of displacing millions of hard working people really resonated with the public – no, I don’t know why either.”

“It’s not the first time we’ve seen it this year, and I suspect 2015 might be much of the same.”

UKIP election success

Voters have welcomed another UKIP MP, claiming it is another step towards making the world exactly how they like it.

Stroud resident Simon Williams told us, “Yes, I voted UKIP, because I really like the idea of people being sent back to where they came from.”

“Take Francis next door, he’s from the midlands and I want Mark Reckless to send him back up there so he stops polluting my streets with his vile brummie twang.”

“No, I don’t care if he’s the only dentist within forty miles.”