Paddington Bear film forced to cut mutual masturbation scene

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StudioCanal has voluntarily cut a controversial scene of mutual masturbation from the new Paddington Bear film.

“We have taken advice from the British Board of Film Classification,” said a spokesperson for the film.

“And we have decided to remove a scene in which Paddington Bear watches the teenage daughter of the Brown family engage in mutual masturbation with her boyfriend in a parked car.”

“Whilst there was no more than two or three seconds shown of an erect penis, and no implication at all that the bear was either involved or aroused, we accept that the scene may be too strong for a film aimed at under-fives.”

The controversial scene came to light after early previews of the film proved upsetting for some of the younger audience.

“She touched him on the thing,” said six-year-old Susie Davis of Strood.

Susie’s mother was left concerned by the scene.

She told us, “It did seem a little ill-judged. I didn’t really understand why it was necessary to be so explicit? Couldn’t they have just implied the mutual masturbation?”

Paddington Bear film classification

However the filmmakers defended the scene’s importance to the film’s narrative.

“The thing you have to understand about Paddington Bear,” said writer Michael Bond.

“Is that he is an extremely curious bear. The parked car scene is a wonderful chance to explore that curiosity.”

“I originally planned to have a junkie in the car sobbing as he injected heroin between his toes, but I wanted something a little more positive.”

The scene may be re-inserted for a ‘longer-hotter-harder’ DVD release of the film.