Letter delivery at risk because we only made £200m profit in 6 months, confirms Royal Mail

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Having letters delivered to your door might become a thing of the past because the Royal Mail only made £200m profit in the last 6 months.

The profits for Royal Mail for the last six months fell to £218m, an amount that boss Moya Greene said threatened the company’s ability to deliver letters to all parts of the UK – a service mandated by law.

Greene told reporters, “Providing a service to the public is one thing, but when your profits fall to the point where they are barely more than a million pounds every single day, then something has got to give.”

“And right now that thing that has to give is probably us delivering letters for you for a fixed price around the country, regardless of where you live or where you send them.”

“This is me just dipping my toe in the water here, but with a bit of luck, we could stop doing the unprofitable things the law says we have to do, and then we could maybe get back to making two millions pounds a day in profit.”

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“After all, we’ve got shareholders to think about now.”