9 out of 10 men only paying for sex emotionally

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A new survey has found that 1 in 10 men have paid for sex with money, whilst the rest of them are paying for it on a purely emotional level.

One in ten men said that the act of paying for sex ended when they left the room, whilst the nine others said their payment for sex can continue for days and sometimes weeks after the act itself is over.

Man Simon Williams told us, “I wouldn’t say I have to ‘pay’ for sex, technically speaking. But I do have to earn it – which gives me credit, which I then cash in for sex. So it you want to call that a ‘payment’ then so be it.”

“But I assure you, it really takes its toll.”

“Did I leave the toilet seat down, did I pack the dishwasher correctly, have I said enough nice things to her this week?  It all adds up and it’s emotionally draining.”

1 in 10 have paid for sex

Williams went on,  “Sometimes I think an arrangement where I pay for sex in purely financial terms would be quite nice – liberating even. But then I realise I’d really have to pay for that, too.”

“Sometimes I try to rationalise the way in which I’m currently paying for sex – and if a quickie at the weekend is worth a week of chores and good behaviour, then I think that puts me in minimum wage territory?”

“Unless of course my girlfriend is the equivalent of a high-class escort – because then my payment is worth more.”

“But trust me, she really doesn’t like that comparison.”