Friday 14 November 2014 by Neil Tollfree

Kim Kardashian has nipples

Kim Kardashian nipples

Reality star Kim Kardashian revealed yesterday that she possesses at least two nipples.

“I am Kim Kardashian,” she said before posing in the nude.

“And these are my nipples.”

The picture that many major newspapers ran on their front page revealed that the Kardashian nipples appear in the usual place, at the end of the Kardashian breasts.

“They appear to be perfectly normal nipples,” revealed biologist Michael Chowney.

“Obviously, it’s hard to tell without running tests but I would imagine they function perfectly well and are capable of both expressing milk and receiving sexual stimuli.

There has long been debate over Ms Kardashian’s nipples.

“I mean, yeah, alright. You saw them in that video for Bound 2,” said sexual pervert Simon Williams.

“But, you know Kanye West is a really controlling sort of bloke and who knows what he did to her.”

What remains unclear is whether she has any further nipples.

“Well, it would certainly be a surprise,” said Doctor Chowney.

“But not unheard of, some people have a third, or ‘supernumerary’ nipple that serves no biological function.”

The full ramifications of Kim Kardashian’s nipples have yet to be seen.

Governments around the world were considering their positions with both the White House and Downing Street refusing to comment.

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