80% of UK would prefer devolution from the lying scumbags in London to the lying scumbags in their local region

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An overwhelming majority of the UK think it would be better if the crooks who run their lives were from their local region, rather than Westminster.

“I definitely would welcome some devolution of power,” said Nick Greene of Leeds.

“I’m sick of these politicians in London promising the earth and not delivering.”

“I’d much prefer it someone who understood where I live promised the earth and didn’t deliver.”

Since the Scottish referendum, there has been increasing calls to take power away from the self-interested, public-school cheats of Westminster, and give it to the self-interested, public-school cheats of large regional centres instead.

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“Well, I’m from Aberystwyth,” said Megan Greene of Aberystwyth.

“So I have no interest at all when those so-called politicians in London promise the earth and then don’t deliver.”

“If Aberystwyth had a bit more power then we could have folk who really know what’s going on round here area promising the earth and not delivering.”

Regional devolution

Not everyone was in favour of regional devolution, however, with Russell Brand in particular coming out against it.

But when pressed to say something coherent about his views, he was unable.

The Prime Minister broadly welcomed the findings.

“Frankly, I think it’s incredible that people think it’ll make a blind bit of difference whether it’s local politicians lying through their teeth, or national politicians.”

“If it keeps everyone quiet, then do what you like.”