Tuesday 4 November 2014 by Neil Tollfree

Norman Baker quits Government to ‘focus on his music’

Norman Baker quits government to focus on music

Liberal MP for Lewes, Norman Baker has quit his Governmental post to focus on his band.

“Obviously, it’s been a tremendous privilege to serve my country,” said Mr Baker.

“But frankly, I’m all about the rock now, and I fully expect my band – ‘The Reform club’ to be at number one for Christmas.”

Nick Clegg was quick to pay tribute to the former Home Office minister.

“Mr Baker is a tremendously able minister who has given great service to the Government, and I for one can’t wait for his new LP.”

“Who knows, perhaps he’ll return as minister of rock?”

There has been numerous examples of musicians becoming credible politicians, such as the bass player from the Housemartins and Screaming Lord Sutch of the Monster Raving Looney party.

But it is thought that this is the first example of a politician moving into music.

“I’m excited,” said music fan Simon Williams.

“I mean, I love the Lighthouse family and Susan Boyle so the thought of Liberal Democrat rock music is making me feel quite aroused.”

We contacted 6music’s Marc Radcliffe for a comment, but after being told about the MP’s plans, Mr Radcliffe became incapable with laughter.

But Mr Baker revealed that it wasn’t just music that drove him to quit.

“Well No, I mean it didn’t help that Theresa May is a massive twat.”

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