Nigel Farage sends wife to the shops to buy ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt

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Nigel Farage was proudly sporting a ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt this morning after sending his wife out to buy him one.

The UKIP leader jumped at the chance to be seen wearing the zeitgeisty item after learning it costs less than three pence to produce.

“This is the most eye-catching top I’ve worn since I lost my ‘Cool As Fuck’ T-shirt at the 1990 Reading Festival,” he told us.

“Not only am I supporting the feminist movement in this way, I am also helping the cause of hardworking Mauritians.”

Farage, however, declined to be photographed wearing the T-shirt.

He added, “Sadly, I’ve managed to spill a bit of beer down the front so I’ll just have to get the missus to stick it in the wash.”

“And I’m unlikely to be able to get it back today because she’s got a shit-load of ironing to do.”

Farage is keen to address the party’s chauvinist image after Godfrey Bloom was roundly criticised for slapping a female journalist across the face with his cock.

“While she was at the shops she managed to pick up one for herself,” said Farage.

“Her tits look great in it.”