Monday 3 November 2014

Millions wondering if Chancellor could provide a statement on tax avoidance

Osborne Tax Statement

Millions of taxpayers have today asked the chancellor if there’s any chance he might give them a report on the billions businesses avoid in tax each year, rather than how much the unemployed get.

With a personal tax summary set to explain where the tax you pay actually gets spent, many have asked how different such a report might look with a few billion more in tax from the businesses who avoiding paying any.

Taxpayer Simon Williams explained, “It seems a quarter of my tax is spent on welfare, which sounds a lot until I realised that tax avoidance costs this country £35 billion a year – that’s over £500 for every man, woman AND child in the country.”

“Or, enough to take VAT down to just 10p. So you know, it’s quite a lot.”

“Suddenly a couple of hundred quid a year on pensions and unemployment benefit looks pretty small, doesn’t it?”

“So basically what the Chancellor is saying, is ‘look at how I spend all the money I take off you because you don’t have really good accountants, like all these big firms’.”

“I’m beginning to think that rather than paying my taxes, maybe I would be better off to simply hire a really, really good accountant and take my chances like these businesses and rich folk?”

“I definitely think that’s the moral of this story, right?”

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