Dartford crossing traffic congestion to be granted ‘listed’ status

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The traffic jam that stretches each way from the Dartford Crossing on the M25 is to be granted ‘listed’ status by English Heritage.

“It’s a fascinating site,” said English Heritage’s historian Stephen Emmsworth.

“It’s one of the earliest examples of traffic congestion in the country, possibly even the whole of Europe, and the fact that it’s persisted for so many years gives us that real connection to the past.”

The Listed status is granted to all buildings and sites of historical interest such as stately homes, castles and skateboard parks.

“Yeah. No. I don’t know,” said Marina Taylor, a regular user of the Dartford Crossing.

“I mean, I suppose that it’s nice that every day, I’ll be, you know, part of history and that.”

“On the other hand through, I’d rather just go home, you know? I mean, there’s only so much Steve Wright you can listen to.”

Dartford Crossing ‘listed’

The Listed status will protect the traffic jam from being changed, developed, or removed.

“Well, no one’s been able to shift this bloody jam in the twenty years I’ve been driving through it.” Said Christopher Paul, a long distance lorry driver.

“Can’t see why they’re worried it’s going to go anywhere.”

Mr Emmsworth concluded, “No, I think it’s thrilling that the congestion will be preserved for future generations,”

“Who knows? Perhaps people in that jam today will still be there in the time of our great-grandchildren.”