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Complaints at ‘Sexy UKIP politician’ Halloween costume

UKIP halloween costume

A company has come under fire for producing a ‘Sexy UKIP politician’ costume for Halloween.

“It’s a bit sick,” said Carla Hammond of Maidenhead.

“I mean, I’m all for people dressing up and having fun but the thought of a UKIP politician being sexy? It’s sick. I think it crosses a line.”

The costume features tobacco-yellow cuffs, a joke ‘never-empty’ pint glass, and cut off shirt to reveal a fake beer belly.

“Well, we do like to sail close to the wind,” said a spokesperson for the costume company.

“We knew that a ‘sexy UKIP costume’ was pushing the line but we didn’t anticipate quite how much people would take against it.”

UKIP Halloween costume

Some people saw the funny side, however.

“Nothing wrong with it,” said Simon Williams of Bracknell.

“I mean, it’s just a bit of a laugh isn’t it? And to be honest, it’s pretty sexy. If I saw a fit girl dressed up as a sexy UKIP politician, I’d definitely have a crack. She clearly has low standards.”

Despite the controversy, the costume has proved popular with many students wearing it for parties and rag-week.

“Oh yeah, I mean, yeah. I’ve got one,” said student; Rachel Marley.

“I mean, it’s just hilarious. I put it on and everyone’s like ‘what? Rachel? Sexy UKIP politician? What are you like?’ But they know I’m a bit mad.”

“Would we consider changing it? I don’t know,” said the company spokesperson.

“We could make it a ‘Sexy Tory politician…but that might be worse.”

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