Monday 27 October 2014

Can we just buy the farmers night-vision goggles, asks everyone

Daylight savings time commuters

As everyone faced the prospect of going home from work in the dark today, many have asked if we should just make farmers buy night vision goggles instead.

Daylight saving time left many workers getting up to a slightly lighter morning, when they’d much prefer not to drive home in the dark.

Office worker and commuter Simon Williams told us, “I get that daylight saving was invented to help farmer, but that was a hundred years ago when people gave a toss about farmers and tractors didn’t have headlights.  Neither is the case now.”

“If we gave farmers night vision goggles – and we could even subsidise them like everything else they get – then we wouldn’t need to move the clocks and they could work in the middle of the night and not block up our roads when we’re trying to get to work.”

“Then I wouldn’t face the soul-destroying prospect of leaving a job I hate, in a town I despise to head home to a woman who thinks she can do better than me – all in the dark.”

Daylight savings time

Williams went in, “I get it, I really do, we started doing this back when being a farmer was important – but now there are lots of things that are more important than farmer.”

“Like marketing executives and investment bankers, and we don’t want to commute home in the dark in the middle of bloody October.”

“Why don’t we just have a vote on it? That always seems to work out for the best.”

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