Monday 27 October 2014 by Neil Tollfree

British towns ‘swamped’ with racist politicians

British towns swamped by racist politicians

There are concerns that many British towns are being swamped by racist politicians and they are starting to make people feel under siege.

“They’re bloody everywhere,” said an angry Brighton resident, John Greene.

“Everywhere you go now, there’s some halfwit with a purple rosette having a pop at the lads who work in the kebab shop.”

Following Defence Secretary Michael Fallon’s comments on Sky News stating that migrants are swamping towns, and people feel ‘under siege’ from migrants, people have reported a massive rise in racist politicians in their towns.

“I don’t mind them, personally,” said Simon Williams, a casual racist from Bracknell.

“I mean, they add a bit of colour to the place. Liven things up a bit and everything.”

Racist politicians ‘swamp’ towns

According to figures, the past six months have seen a 73% rise in racist politicians coming into British towns.

“No, I’m sorry,” said Mark Hammond, a pensioner from Essex.

“I just don’t like their sort. They come around here with their racist ways having a go at everyone. I wish they’d just bugger off back to where they came from.”

However, some people are trying to make the best of this new rise of racist politicians.

“What you have to remember is that this influx of racist politicians doesn’t always have a negative impact,” said Elizabeth Heaton of Reading Town Council.

“I mean, the pubs are doing a roaring trade.”

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