Friday 24 October 2014

Scotland to reduce drink drive limit to one bottle of Scotch

Scottish drink driving

The Scottish government has announced plans to reduce the country’s drink-drive limit to just one bottle of Scotch in time for Christmas.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has taken steps which, if approved by the Scottish Parliament, would mean anyone drinking more than a bottle of Scotch before driving would now be committing an illegal offence.

Previous road-side sobriety tests in Scotland involved checking you could fasten your seatbelt one handed, and whether you could turn the lights on in less than three attempts – if you could do either of those you were considered OK to drive home.

The draft legislation to make the change has been laid before parliament, and will bring Scotland’s legal alcohol limits in line with drinking habits of much of modern Scotland.

A public awareness campaign will also ask drivers to consider soft drinks, such as lager and bitter, as alternatives to actual drinks such as Scotch and Vodka.

Scottish drink driving limits

Scottish drinkers have reacted with anger at the news, insisting no changes need to be made to the current rules.

“It’s the nanny state gone mad!” said drinker Simon McWilliams, “I’ve never hurt anyone, so what’s the problem?”

However, safety campaigner Sharon Matthews told us, “Here’s an idea, how about we just make it really simple for everyone. Zero tolerance. You don’t drink if you’re going to drive. At all. End of story.”

“But I guess that’s too politically inconvenient for the politicians out there, as everyone likes a drink eh?”

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