Paris’ giant sex toy sculpture sells on eBay to ‘K Price of Sussex’

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The giant green butt plug sculpture which caused such furore in Paris, has been sold on eBay to a user named K Price who lives in Sussex.

The giant sex toy, which is approximately eighty feet high when fully engorged failed to get much interest on the auction site until the lucky winner bid £5 on Tuesday evening.

US artist Paul McCarthy who created the piece, said he was glad it was going to a good home, and he hoped its new owner would get many years of pleasure from it.

He told reporters, “I am disappointed that it could not stay in Paris longer, the Parisians do not appreciate great art, obviously – but I am glad that someone in England saw the potential of my piece.”

“It takes a very good eye to see my work for what it truly is, a social commentary on the pervasive nature of erotica in all aspects of our lives in this modern society, even at Christmas which has an air of innocence about it.”

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“You know, and not just something massive to try and stick up your arse.”

Paris butt plug

We reached out to the successful bidder via email for a comment on their acquisition of the controversial artwork.

They wrote back,  “Yes, artistic merit, right, that’s definitely why I bought it.”