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Bonus payments for dementia diagnoses sees 4000% rise in dementia diagnoses

Dementia diagnosis bonus

A new scheme to pay GPs a £55 cash bonus for every diagnosis of dementia that they make has seen a massive rise in the number of dementia diagnoses that they make.

The scheme, designed to help diagnose the disease earlier than has previously been the case, has been criticised by some patients.

“I’m 32, I just went in to have a boil lanced,” said Mum of two Serena Greene.

“The doctor asked me if I could remember my Great-Granddad’s best friend’s middle name.”

“I mean, I couldn’t, so he diagnosed me with dementia and muttered something about nearly having enough for a new iPad.”

Dementia diagnosis bonuses

“The bonus payments? They’re a terrific incentive,” said a local GP who asked not to be named as he leaned out of the window of his brand new Mercedes coupe.

“I’d never noticed how many of my patients had dementia before I was given fifty-five quid for each one that I spot.”

When it was pointed out that he had diagnosed a six-year-old girl with dementia, he replied “yeah, she’s definitely got it. Just might not start to present for another fifty to sixty years.”

“Hey, do you think there’s an extra bonus for a super early diagnosis?”

“I’m not proud – for £75 I could tell them they have Ebola, that’s all I’m saying.”

IBS sufferer and newly diagnosed dementia patient, Simon Williams, told us “I think it’s disgraceful.”

“They even said my dog had dementia, she was just running around barking.”

We requested a comment from the manager of the local surgery but unfortunately he had just begun a four-week cruise of the Caribbean.

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