Tuesday 21 October 2014

A little bit of holocaust denial never hurt anyone, confirm UKIP

UKIP holocaust denial

Just because your party leader is a racist who denies the holocaust doesn’t mean you can’t help UKIP maintain its European funding, Nigel Farage confirmed today.

Nigel Farage’s Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group has recruited an MEP from the Polish Congress of the New Right, ensuring they retain the funding that was lost when a member left last week.

The move confirms what many UKIP supporters have long believed, that despicable racist organisations do have their uses.

Farage told reporters, “Losing a member meant our group fell below the funding threshold and we were set to lose about a million quid, which is not good in an election year as I’m sure you can understand – so we needed a new member to ensure we got that funding.

“We canvassed around, as you can imagine – but for some reason, the only person who wanted to join us was from a far-right organisation in Poland, whose leader is often quoted in public using racist terms and denying the holocaust.

“But on the plus side, it’s about a million pounds – so kerching!

“Sure, people will point to us getting into bed with a despicable racist organisation and say that this shows the sort of party UKIP really is, but hey, this is politics – if we only judged people for what they believe in and stood for, where would we be?”

UKIP EU funding saved

Many voters have been left surprised by the move, shocked that UKIP could partner with someone who might make them appear ‘moderate’.

As voter Simon Williams explained, “If you’ve jumped into bed with an organisation that France’s Marine Le Pen refused to form an alliance with, then surely it’s time to question your priorities?

“Le Pen’s refusal would be like Nick Griffin saying ‘hang on, these guys are a bit ‘full on’ for the BNP’ – and yet UKIP welcomed them with open arms, just because they bring a few quid with them.

“It’s morals like that we need in government, definitely.”

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