Friday 17 October 2014

Man using self-service till on verge of emotional breakdown

Self-service till emotional breakdown

A man using a self-service till for the first time appears on the verge of tears after being informed yet again of an ‘unexpected item in bagging area’.

The unidentified man was ushered to the self-service area by a Tesco worker who noticed he was queuing to be served by an actual human being.

As one witness described, “They told him it would be easy, they said ‘just scan your items and put them in the bags’. I don’t think anyone expected it would degenerate into this.”

“I’ve been up and down three aisles and he’s still not finished scanning his six items. I think I just saw a tear rolling down his face.”

“All I can hear him muttering, louder and louder, is ‘how can it be unexpected??”

“Then he got a bit louder still, telling the computer ‘This is your goddamn job, to expect things going into the bag, it’s bloody toilet roll for gods sake, there’s hardly anything unexpected about toilet roll!’.”

“Then he just sat down and started rocking backwards and forwards whilst it demanded he scan his clubcard.”

“I think that technically speaking, I’m actually watching someone get bullied by a till.”

Self-service tills

Tesco clubcard holder Simon Williams said he felt sympathy for the man, but was unable to offer any assistance due to the fact that he himself had cried at the self-service tills many times.

He told us, “There is only so many times you can be told off by an automated till before it really starts to damage you psychologically.”

“Plus, if I have to watch one more person scan their entire shopping basket and THEN put it all into bags, I might kill someone.”

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