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Outrage as disabled man suggests Tory MPs ‘not worth the minimum wage’

Disabled minimum wage outrage

A disabled man has provoked outrage by suggesting that some Conservative MPs probably don’t deserve to be paid the minimum wage.

The remarks were made by wheelchair user Simon Williams to his wife as they waited for a bus near their home.

Williams told reporters, “It’s just that the disabled ramp on the local Community Centre has been broken for months and no one seems to want to do anything, particularly not my local MP.”

“I got a bit cross and said that these Tories barely do enough to warrant the minimum wage.”

The words were seized on by Tory MPs as yet another example of feckless, lazy disabled people criticizing hardworking Conservative MPs and ministers.

“I’ve got a ruddy duck-pond to maintain,” said an exasperated welfare minister Lord Freud, Mr Williams’ local MP.

“I turn up to the House of Commons at least once a month, all I ask is a fair pay packet of around seventy grand a year.”

“And this layabout on wheels has the nerve to suggest I shouldn’t even be paid a couple of pound an hour.”

“Let’s see if he could sit around all day listening to other people speak about tedious stuff he doesn’t care about, and then vote on things every now and again. It’s back breaking stuff.”

Disabled minimum wage

The Prime Minister has been moved to comment on the row.

He told reporters gathered outside number 10, “Look, I don’t know Mr Williams personally, and perhaps the remarks were taken out of context, but I do think an apology would be appropriate in the circumstances.”

“Just because Tory MPs aren’t quite made the same as normal people doesn’t mean they can’t make a meaningful contribution to society that deserves a decent wage.”

“Good on them, I say.”

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