Dr Fox arrest brings first DJ Paedo Bingo player close to ‘full house’

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People playing DJ Paedo Bingo remain excited after the arrest of Dr Fox takes the first competitor perilously close to a ‘full house’.

The game allows players to tick off ageing DJs once they are arrested in connection with historical sex crimes, whether charges are eventually brought, or not.

The arrest of Dr Fox, real name Neil, has left some competitors just one square away from winning a game which began in 2012 with the revelations of Jimmy Saville’s predatory past.

Bingo card holder Simon Williams told us, “I’ve had all of them, Jimmy Savile, Dave Lee Travis, Chris Denning, Paul Gambaccini – and Dro Fox leaves me with just one square to fill.”

“No, I’m not accusing him of anything, but if the police could just take him in for questioning I’d be declared the winner.”

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“Come on police, just knock on Noel Edmonds’ door – I beg of you.”

Sex criminal bingo

Some competitors are claiming victory already in the spin-off game ‘celebrity sex criminal bingo’, which allowed them to have cards containing non-DJ celebrities.

Champion Dave Shuckworth told us, “I had a great card to be fair, Savile, Gary Glitter, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris – but the big one was Cliff Richard.”

“I never thought he’d be my winner – but there you go.”

“My mate had Chris Tarrant and he was certain he’d win – I guess you never can tell.”