Difficulty in getting a GP appointment to become 7-day frustration, vows PM

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The horror of simply trying to get an appointment to see your GP will extend into the weekend by 2020, the government will announce today.

The prime minister will tell the Conservative conference that the nightmare of trying to see a medical professional should not be a monday to friday nine-to-five exercise.

Cameron told reporters, “The frustration of calling first thing in the morning, getting an engaged tone for half an hour before finally getting through and being told there are no appointment until tomorrow, will now also be able to ruin your weekend.”

“As will the inevitable ‘interview’ with a receptionist who will decide if you’re sick enough to actually see the GP.”

“You told us you wanted your weekend ruined by government targets and bureaucracy, and we have listened.”

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GPs on weekends

People who get sick every now and again have not welcomed the announcement.

GP user Simon Williams told us, “The one good thing about trying to see the GP, is that is can only frustrate me from Monday to Friday – it’s not something that can affect me on a Saturday or Sunday, and now the Tories have ruined that.”

“Unless of course they are going to remove any waiting time targets for GPs which is why it’s so difficult to get an appointment in the first place?”

“I mean, you’re not technically waiting until you’ve got an appointment, so all my time wasted trying to get an appointment isn’t actually in their figures.”

“If I phone on a Monday and want an appointment on Wednesday, they just tell me to phone on Wednesday. Why? So that I won’t have been waiting for ‘two days’ in their precious figures.”

“Of course, I then phone on Wednesday and can’t get an appointment as there are none left. So I’m actually waiting three or more days in the end.”

“But, on the bright side, at least the figures look good when they’re printed in a nice report at the Department of Health.”

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