Asking MPs for nude pics shouldn’t be allowed, claims Brooks Newmark

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Conservative MP Brooks Newmark has claimed it was really unfair of an undercover reporter to ask him to send nude pictures of himself, as they knew full well he would definitely send them.

Political experts have warned that allowing people to ask questions of MPs that could ultimately make them look bad is a very slippery slope.

Those defending the former minister for civil society have asked what sort of civil society would expect requests for nude photos to go without reply.

As one Conservative supporter explained, “Is it really ‘news’ to know that a request from an attractive young woman for a nude picture will be met with a nude picture?”

“The only dilemma created by such a request should be ‘Is the lighting in this room OK, or should I immediately go elsewhere to take it’.”

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“The only thing Brooks has to be embarrassed about is the Paisley pyjamas he chose to wear whilst taking the selfie.”

“Silly, silly man.”

Brooks Newmark resigns

Newmark himself has said he would like privacy at this difficult time as he tries to explain to his wife why penis shots are an important political tool in drumming up grassroots support amongst younger members of the electorate.

He told reporters, “I would be grateful for privacy at this time – if I wanted you to have access to the most intimate parts of my private life, I would send you a photo of them on Twitter.”

Political commentator Simon Williams explained, “He’s in a difficult position, certainly, but we do know one thing – his MPs expenses next month are going to include an awful lot of flowers and chocolates.”