One of the ones at the back leaves Take That

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One the blokes that stands at the side of or behind the important ones is to leave Take That, it has been announced this morning.

The one that is leaving, whose name we believe to be ‘Dave Yellow’, is said to want to pursue the opportunity of standing behind other things deemed more important than him.

The important ones in the band said this was a sad day for the band as a whole, as now someone else will have to adopt the role of the ‘not very important one’.

Early indications are that this new role will be taken by the tall one we believe to be called ‘Steve’, who does a lot of dancing and not very much of the actual singing.

Take That fan Sheila Williams said she had been very sad about the announcement, until she realise she could no longer picture the face of the one that was leaving.

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“It’s not Robbie, as he’s already gone, and it’s not Gary, but it’s also not little cute Mark – so who was it? Dave you said? I just can’t picture him.”

“Are we quite sure that Take That wasn’t actually a three-piece band all along?”

‘Dave’ was unavailable for comment, but a friend said he was going to spend the day standing next to paintings in an art gallery.

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