Queen can also bark, meow and neigh like a horse, confirms Prince Philip

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Purring is not the only animal noise the Queen is skilled at mimicking, according to Prince Philip this morning.

After stories emerged that she ‘purred’ down the phone to David Cameron upon hearing the Scottish referendum result, Philip said, “You should hear her do a horse”.

He went on, “She does this thing where she blows raspberry and shakes her head whilst neighing – it’s very good indeed.”

“We all laugh whenever she does it, which is normally when she’s had a winner at the races.”

“You normally have to get a few drinks inside her before she’ll do it, but the basic dog and cat stuff she’ll do for anyone. Even David Cameron.”

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Palace officials have moved quickly to reassure animal lovers that no animals were harmed during the acquisition of her mimicry skills.

As one explained, “She has travelled the world encountering exotic creatures from every continent and country in the commonwealth, it just so happens that barking like a dog is still her favourite noise to make.”

Queen’s animal noises

Fans of the royal family have claimed that an ability to do animal noises makes the Queen more normal than ever.

Royalist Simon Williams explained, “I like to do monkey noises for my grandkids, and they seem to like it – so I like to imagine the Queen running round the room doing an Orangutan impression to make Prince George laugh.”

“She can probably afford the full hairy orange costume though.”