Horrific new terror video shows Richard Littlejohn with head firmly attached to his shoulders

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ISIL have plumbed shocking new depths by releasing a sickening video of ‘journalist’ Richard Littlejohn alive and well and participating in what they call ‘journalism’.

The Daily Mail columnist was abducted from his Surrey home late last night where he was working on a hard-hitting article about transgender people who become teachers.

Littlejohn is well known for using his head and central nervous system to form rudimentary “thoughts”, which are either verbalised or punched angrily into a keyboard.

In the video, he describes his abductors as home-grown Islamofascists who would never have prised open the door to his conservatory had their passports been seized, adding, “You couldn’t make it up!”.

Islamic State have Littljohn

ISIL have threatened to keep Littlejohn alive and ‘extremely productive’ in retaliation for ongoing air strikes, and insist they will release further videos of British journalists Liz Jones and Jan Moir, which show the pair in rude health working away at a keyboard.

Group leader Abdullah Al Bajari said, “You may bomb us, but we will tear the very fabric of your society apart. In your millions you will somehow believe the despicable words of these new Jihadis write for you.”

“Before long every single one of you will begin behaving like a Daily Mail reader, and we will have won.”

Barack Obama, meanwhile, has described the footage as “stomach-churning” and vowed the US would do everything it could to remove its forces from the Middle East by early next Wednesday.

Littlejohn’s long-suffering wife Anne said, “Whilst it would be great to have Richard home, we understand the grievance felt by many Muslims towards the West and it is with sadness that we bid farewell to this fun-loving father of two.”

Since being in captivity, Littlejohn’s tormentors have realised they have a great deal in common with him.

Al Bajari concluded, “Why would we lay a finger on him? He hates poofs even more than we do.”

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