Thursday 4 September 2014

Cameron ‘not ruling out’ action that could win him a GQ humanitarian award

David Cameron GQ Humanitarian Award

Prime minister David Cameron has said he is not ruling out the sort of military campaign in Iraq that could see him ultimately be named GQ’s Humanitarian of the year.

With more pressure mounting for the government to take military action in Iraq against the Islamic State, many have predicted that Cameron could be on the verge of making himself a bookies favourite for future GQ awards.

As one expert explained, “GQ have set their precedent with Tony Blair – if you want to be considered a true humanitarian on a global scale, you have to start a war that ends in the deaths of literally thousands and thousands of innocent people.”

“That’s not something Bill Gates or the Dalai Lama can do, which is why they’ll never be humanitarian of the year.”

Cameron going for GQ award

The prime minister was quizzed by reporters as to his plans for any Iraqi campaign, but made no commitments either way.

Cameron explained, “It’s far too early to say exactly what awards I might or might not win in the future.”

“I’m not saying an award from GQ is having any direct influence on my decision to engage in military conflict, but I just think it’s nice to know that if I send our armed forces over there to start killing people, there might be a nice trophy at the end of it.”

“And a lovely black tie dinner, obviously.”

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