Stolen nude photos a ‘disgusting invasion of privacy’, insist men busy googling for them

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Men everywhere have this morning described as ‘disgusting’ the invasion of privacy caused by leaked photos of naked female celebrities, before seeking clarification on exactly where they are online.

Leaked photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Kate Upton were allegedly stolen from Apple’s iCloud service, and made available online for people who know where to look.

Verified male Simon Williams told us, “It’s just so awful, you think these things are private and then people across the Internet get to see them on a website. Was it just one website, or like, a few of them?”

“I’m outraged for the celebrity women involved, but I think my outrage would be easier to put into proper context if I just knew the full extent of the leak itself.”

“So that I can empathise better with them, you know?”

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“These websites hosting these images are awful, and I’d like to know exactly which ones they are so that I can avoid them in future.”

“I’m angry now, so imagine how angry I’ll be when I’ve eventually been told how to find them.”

“So if you could just tell me where these images are, I could get right on with my outrage and blocking the website, or websites concerned.”


Another man, Mike Matthews, was due to talk to us but after a lengthy consultation with his web browser he told us he wasn’t “feeling very well” and would be staying in the privacy of his own home for the rest of the day.