iCloud empty

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iCloud has been completely emptied of all photos by Apple product owners, it emerged this afternoon.

Following a leak of nude photos of dozens of female celebrities, every iCloud account was swiftly emptied of anything even remotely resembling a photograph.

The news is sure to come as a shock to Apple who have yet to officially comment on the incident.

A spokesperson for Google said that Californian search traffic had peaked at 9am this morning.

They told us, “In Hollywood this morning the top search was ‘How do I delete my photos from iCloud?’.”

“It seems every home within the city limits has searched for a variation of this phrase in the last 12 hours.”

“It’s unprecedented.”

“Yes, we’re loving it, thanks.”

iCloud empty

Apple user Simon Williams said he too had removed all of his photos from iCloud.

“There wasn’t anything nude, but if people knew the completely tedious crap I normally photograph, I’d be mortified.”