Wednesday 27 August 2014

We must teach Uzi safety to our toddlers, insist US gun advocates

Uzi Machine gun 9 year old shooting

The death of a gun range instructor in the US was caused by parents who waited too long to introduce their 9 year-old daughter to an Uzi, according the gun advocates in the US.

The nine year-old girl lost control of the Uzi and killed the instructor at the Last Stop shooting range in White Hills, Arizona, in an accident many are claiming would not have happened if she’d been given control of an Uzi before she was five.

An NRA spokesperson explained, “You’re never too young to learn about guns, so if you can stumble across the room into your parents arms, you can probably hold a rifle of some sort.”

“The only guaranteed way to end these tragic deaths is to stop leaving it so late in introducing our children to gun safety.”

“Do you think this poor little girl would have lost control of that Uzi if she’s been using one since she was a toddler?”

“Of course she wouldn’t.”

“She’s going to have to live the rest of her life in the knowledge she killed a man because her parents were too negligent to teach her to handle an Uzi properly when she was even younger.”

“That’s why we started our new campaign ‘Uzis for Twosies’, where we are promoting gun safety amongst the nation’s toddlers.”

Gun range death

Fans of deadly guns have said an earlier introduction to high-powered killing devices is the safest thing all round for America’s kids.

Another explained, “It’s like riding a bike, you might have learnt when you were four, but you never forget.”

“But teaching an older child or an adult to use a bike for the first time is just too difficult.”

“So I have a dream, a dream in which America’s pre-schoolers are the best armed in the world.  And we’re almost there.”

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