‘Ebola Bucket Challenge’ yet to really take off

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A new viral challenge in which odious celebrities are asked to douse themselves with a bucket of Ebola-infected bodily fluids is failing to gain traction, according to sources this morning.

The brainchild of a charity supporting efforts to treat Ebola victims in Africa, the challenge will see celebrities that no-one really likes given the opportunity to smother themselves in infectious material for the entertainment of their social media followers.

A spokesperson for the group behind the plan told us, “We started with Justin Bieber, but so far he’s refused to take part. We’ve even sent him a couple of pints of infected blood to get him started.”

“We told him it didn’t need to be ice-cold, he just has to make sure he get some in his eyes and mouth.”

“I think he’s not doing it because he hates black people and wants them all to die of Ebola.”

Ebola bucket challenge

Meanwhile in UK, professional TV appearer Katie Hopkins has been inundated with thousands of requests to take up the Ebola Bucket Challenge.

She told any camera pointed in her direction, “It seems many of you want me covered in Ebola-carrying liquids – and I’ll do it when I get time, of course.”

“I think those ghastly black people are only getting Ebola because they’re too lazy to get up off their arses and make themselves better.”

“It’s just a work ethic thing – I suppose we shouldn’t blame them really, the laziness is genetic with that sort you know.”