Thursday 21 August 2014

Daily Mail criticised for continuing to pass itself off as a ‘newspaper’

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The Daily Mail has come under renewed criticism after it emerged they continue to position themselves as a provider of ‘news’.

The paper, which is produced on a daily basis as a means of spreading fear and raising blood pressure, insisted it was “just as much a newspaper as the rest of them”.

However critics have said that although they had got the second part of the word ‘newspaper’ right, the first part would more accurately be described as ‘things we hope will make you angry today’ rather than ‘news’.

As one critics explained, “Did you know that the staff there insist on being referred to as ‘journalists’ – which is laughable in the extreme.”

Newspaper fan Simon Williams told us, “I’m all for current affairs, and often I will buy a newspaper to see what’s going on in the world.”

“Of course, if I want to know what can give me cancer today, or save me from cancer today, or what threats immigrants pose for me today, then I’ll buy a Daily Mail.”

Daily Mail ‘newspaper’

Media experts explained that the Daily Mail can continue to use the name ‘newspaper’ as long as they continue to pretend that their editorial opinions are actual ‘news’.

As one told us, “If I launched a newspaper, and all it contained was my opinion on what the neighbours were doing – it would be ‘news’, as long as those opinions were ‘new’. Unfortunately.”

“It’s a loophole they’ve used for years and they don’t show any sign of leaving it alone.”

“Still, if you’re a borderline racist hypochondriac, it really is the newspaper for you.”

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