Police claim Cliff Richard search unearthed horrific ‘new material’

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A police search of Cliff Richard’s home unearthed a host of horrific new album tracks, according to sources close to the case.

The pop icon’s home was searched last week as part of an investigation into historic sex abuse, but no-one was prepared for what was eventually found.

An officer on the case told our source, “It would absolutely turn your stomach, the stuff we saw and heard.

“Working on Operation Yewtree we’ve been exposed to some pretty disturbing things, but this was on a different level.”

“He’s got at least three Christmas albums worth of songs in there. I haven’t slept since I heard the first of them. This job has got PTSD written all over it.”

Cliff Richard search

Experts have said that police will find it difficult to prosecute on the basis of unreleased material, despite strong public support for doing so.

Consumer Simon Williams told us, “I consider myself fairly liberal but I’d gladly bring back hanging for those people who commit murder, fiddle with kids, or release a follow-up to Mistletoe & Wine.

“There is simply no rehabilitating them.

“I heard a friend of Cliff’s claim he doesn’t have a criminal record, but frankly his back catalogue is full of them.

“Cliff Richard has a near sixty-year history of God-awful songs – let’s just lock him up and throw away the key.”