Are we setting unrealistic standards of beauty for our scrotums, asks Sir Ian Botham

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Former England cricketer and television commentator Sir Ian Botham has taken to social network Twitter in order to prove that there is no such thing as an ‘ugly scrotum’.

After Tweeting a photo of his hairy middle stump and accompanying cherries, Botham has said it’s the perfect time for a wider conversation about scrotum aesthetics.

The Sky Sports pundit told reporters, “The adult male scrotum is the result of millions of years of evolution, and whilst highly functional, it is also a thing of beauty – at least I think so.”

“It is admittedly quite difficult to get a flattering shot of your scrotum, you need to be quite dexterous and have the right lighting – but I think I have managed it.”

“To some, the scrotum might look like the surface of a mouldy walnut – but we should embrace it’s delicate form and not conform to the ridiculous scrotal standards the media would have us strive for.”

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Botham Twitter pic

Sir Ian went on to defend his stance against the media’s portrayal of scrotums everywhere.

He went on, “OK, I mean, technically there aren’t a lot of ball-bag pics in the media, but if there were, then I’m sure they would be heavily airbrushed.”

“And that is what I’m taking a stand against. Right here. The potential airbrushing of scrotums. Nothing else. The fact that my penis also made an appearance is nothing but a happy coincidence.”

“I hope that one day every man will be proud enough to share a photo of his scrotum on Twitter without it becoming some big thing across social media.”

“If it takes a knight of the realm to kick things off, then so be it. I am up to the challenge.”

“Now move along nothing more to see here.”