Thursday 14 August 2014

Public would still pick ‘one-armed male pilot’ over ‘woman pilot’

One armed pilot preferred to Women Pilot

It has emerged this morning that idiots would still rather be flown through the sky in a pressurised tube by a man with one arm, than trust their fate to a woman pilot.

After a pilot’s prosthetic arm fell off during landing, many travellers said they could live with him also having a wooden leg as long as the person ‘driving this thing’ isn’t also the owner of a vagina.

Regular flier and confirmed moron Simon Williams explained, “It’s not that I’m sexist you understand – it’s just that I’ve seen my wife drive, and the thought of her driving something as big as a plane fills me with absolute terror.”

“Sure, there are plenty of crap male drivers, but it just seems like the vast majority of bad driving I see is done by women. So I’m sure it must be the same with planes?”

“Except the worst a woman driver can do is make me lose my no claims bonus, a woman pilot could fire me into the ground like a bloody dart.”

Armless pilot lands safely

Fellow traveller Sheila Matthews said she was disgusted by the attitude of many other plane users.

She angrily told us, “I think it’s terrible that in this day and age people would rather have a one-armed man than a woman fly their plane.”

“We are just as capable of safely flying these planes as any man, able-bodied or not.”

“Which would I choose? Oh, the man, obviously.”



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