Monday 28 July 2014

Secret Cinema Back to the Future screenings rescheduled for last Wednesday

Back to the future secret cinema

Secret Cinema is addressing its cancelled screenings of Back to the Future by creating an immersive experience in which the shows took place in the past.

With thousands of people taking to Twitter to express their anger at the cancellations, organisers have moved swiftly to offer up a new experience for disappointed fans.

A spokesperson for Secret Cinema explained, “We would like it known that the shows have not been cancelled, they have merely been sent back in time to the middle of last week, where they went ahead as planned in an alternate timeline.”

“A bit like the alternate 1985 when Griff had the sportsbook, except our alternate timeline is filled with happy and excited media luvvies, instead of apocalyptic scenes of a crumbling dystopian society.”

“So don’t think too hard about complaining about the cancellations, just think about the alternate timeline where you who had a great time at the event.”

Secret Cinema cancellations

Organisers said that they have gone to great lengths to ensure fans get their monies worth from an event that took place in a different timeline.

The spokesperson went on, “We have created a great newspaper dated 24th July 2014 which shows a packed venue and people enjoying the show as intended from the night before.”

“Obviously our customers are not in those photos from the evening, for continuity reasons.”

“But your ‘immersive challenge’ – should you accept it – is to build a real-life flux capacitor to see if you can go back in time and enjoy the show as it happened.”

“Well worth £53.50 of anyone’s money, I’m sure you’d agree.”

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