Monday 21 July 2014

‘We shouldn’t really be doing this’ admits everyone watching Sky News

Sky News Ukraine crash coverage

Viewers sat watching Sky News’ coverage of the Malaysian air crash in Ukraine have admitted ‘we really shouldn’t be doing this’ after it was pointed out how morally questionable it was.

Many have been left feeling sick after a brief moment of clarity invaded their viewing habits.

Simon Williams explained “You don’t realise when you’re just sat there looking at the television that you’re consuming content from the Murdoch empire.”

“Before you know it, you’ve watched for an hour and your opinions have already been influenced and you’ve watched things on screen you really shouldn’t have seen.”

“I feel a bit unwell now to be honest.”

Sky news Ukraine coverage

Many television owners have criticised Sky News viewers, insisting they are only doing it behind a thinly veiled desire to ‘stay informed’.

“We know they’re only watching for the juicy salacious stuff.”

“Most of them wouldn’t know a Ukrainian rebel if he rifled through their suitcase.”

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