Teachers being on strike is brilliant, insists 8-year-old sat in front of Xbox

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Children across the country have welcomed the fight to improve pay and conditions for the nation’s teachers, insisting they are 100% behind further industrial action.

After being forced to stay home instead of going to school, many small children have backed their teachers, insisting that industrial action is the inevitable consequence of the government’s current policies to towards education, pay and conditions.

8-year-old Simon Williams said, “I will sit here and play on my Xbox until the government gives them what they are demanding.

“I don’t care if it takes me until the summer holidays start, I will sit here and do it. For them.

“I mean, no, I don’t exactly know what this is all about, but they seem to think it’s important that I stay home – so here I am.

“My mom is a bit pissed that she can’t go to work today, apparently she’s not ‘on strike’ like the teachers.

“I offered to let her have a go on my Xbox, but she wasn’t interested. I think she doesn’t like getting beaten by me at Fifa.

“I explained that this is what the teachers want, me sat here playing Assassin’s Creed – but she’s doesn’t seem that happy about it.

“She clearly doesn’t understand the process of fighting for a better education for everyone.

“I’m living it right here, and long may it continue.”