Team Sky to consider stabilisers

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Team Sky are to consider the use of stabilisers for future Tour de France entries after Chris Froome fell off his bike three times in two days.

Defending champion Froome was forced to retire from the race, after apparently forgetting how to do the very thing everyone uses to describe things you only need to learn once.

Team leader Sir David Brailsford said, “Falling off your bike is an occupational hazard for cyclists, we expect it every now and again. And doing it twice is pretty unfortunate.”

“But three times? in just over a day? That’s careless. We’re going to have to take steps to address the problem.”

“Stabilisers might not look great on TV, but until the boys can show me they don’t need them, we’ll have them there – just for safety.”

“Plus it’s another sponsorship opportunity for any interested brands, which is nice.”

Froome out of Tour

Fans of the tour said they welcomed the addition of stabilisers, saying that other innovations could improve the spectacle of the peloton.

Cycling fan Simon Williams told us, “The peloton goes by so fast, I wonder if they could make it a bit more spectator friendly by putting playing cards between their wheels?”

“I think it would sound pretty awesome.”

“As for the stabilisers, it might take a bit of getting used to for the pros, but I’m sure it’s just like riding a bike.”